Excellence Built by Tradition

Since 1817, generations of American families have been raising Hereford cattle. In 1881, the American Hereford Association was formed to unite these local families in an effort to raise the highest quality cattle, producing the highest quality beef. Since 1995, Certified Hereford Beef® has been marketing this beef to American families from American families. Certified Hereford Beef® is a premium, differentiated beef brand that provides an eating experience only the Hereford breed can produce. We’re proud to work with our local ranching families to ensure the values that we started generations ago continue well into tomorrow. It’s this promise that allows us to say, Certified Hereford Beef®, is Excellence Built By Tradition™.

We have worked with our vendors to ensure that we receive a quality USA product.  We use Greater Omaha for the USDA certified Choice Hereford beef. We also carry Western Range rib eye loins. All is fresh never frozen. The great thing about having a butcher on duty is that you can come in for your special cuts just for that day or any outing event you might have going on.


porksteaks beefgroundround beefchuckeyesteak beefchucksteak beefgroundchuck beefstewmeat beefnorollribeyeIMG_1820                        Prices in photos may not be current market price.

This Week’s Specials

This weeks special 12/4/17

Fresh Family Pack Ground Beef $2.29lb.
Fresh Hereford Choice Chuck Roast $5.29lb.
Fresh Hereford Choice Chuck Steak $5.49 lb.
Fresh Hereford Choice Stew Meat $4.19 lb.
Fresh Boston Butt Pork Roast $1.79 lb.
Smoked Pork Chops $3.99 lb.
Whole Smoked Picnic Hams $1.59 lb.
Fresh Chicken Tenders $2.39 lb.
Fresh Whole Fryers $1.59 lb.

Avocados .79 ea.
Cucumbers .50 ea.
Roma Tomatoes $1.39 lb.

Deli Hours Monday -Friday 7:30am – 5:30pm &
7:30 to 4:30 pm Saturday (unless special hours)
Butchers stop cutting meat at 4 pm.
Call ahead if you need special order or bulk deals for pick-up after 4 pm.
No rain checks